Timeline and Terms

1624Crown control of Virginia
1630Puritan migration to Massachusetts Bay
1632Land grant for Maryland
November 17, 1637Anne Hutchinson banished
1643United Colonies of New England established
April 18, 1644Opechancanough attacked colonists again
1651First Navigation Act
1659Quakers executed in Boston
1660New Navigation Act
1663Charter of Carolina
1670First permanent English settlement in Carolina
1676Bacon’s Rebellion
1681Charter for William Penn
1686Dominion of New England established
1689Leisler’s Rebellion
1691Massachusetts became a royal colony
1692Salem witchcraft trials
June 10, 1692Witchcraft executions in Salem
1701Founding of Yale College
1701Iroquois neutrality
February 29, 1704Attack on Deerfield, Massachusetts
April 24, 1704First colonial newspaper