Use multimedia-filled Courses to teach your class instead of a backpack full of heavy books!

Use Net Texts for Free!

Any school or teacher is welcome to use the Net texts system for free. Please download our free iPad app in the App Store and create an account for our Content Management Site to start building your own customized course today!

Net Texts Consulting Services

Schools looking for the full Net texts experience can choose to sign up for our consulting services. We work closely with school administrators to help implement the Net texts system and make the transition to a textbook free classroom as smooth as possible.

Our dedicated staff and research team offers hands on assistance throughout the year to ensure the students are getting the most out of this technology. We conduct webinars and on-site training sessions on how to use our Web site, assist teachers with building courses and finding the best educational resources, and will always be available to answer any questions.

The goal is for our research team to develop a personal relationship with the teachers they work with. This allows us to better understand their individual teaching style so we can recommend the best ways to make use of all the features on the Net texts system. If interested in using Net texts in your school please contact, or feel free to call 212-207-4790.